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Members of the Gastropoda (a class of mollusc) with a coiled shell. Use this tag with questions about identifying snails or protecting plants from snails.

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What kind of snails are these and how do I get rid of them

I have a lot of very tiny snails in my large vegetable garden, and throughout the year they do a lot of damage to my vegetables. So far, products such as Bug-Getta do not seem to work (at least that ...
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Are they snails in the mulch?

Are they snails? They are in mulch of my mulberry tree. I read they are dangerous to plants. What should I do?
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How to get rid of snails on my outdoor potted cacti?

In this past week I found two really tiny snails on two of my potted cacti and have noticed some small damaged areas on others I live in Southern California which has an arid sunny climate, but we are ...
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Snail control using biodynamic or eco-friendly solutions

I have recently built and planted a few box gardens with various herbs and vegetables; however, I am having issues with snails. I was told that magnolia flowers are a good natural repellent but they ...
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Snail electric fence material

I am making an electric fence to stop snails entering a new garden area (the concrete patio). The problem is fixing two wires the right distance apart without them shorting. What material can be used ...
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Avoiding snails around potted greenery?

I had an idea about snail trap. I was wondering if placing a plastic ring in a form of a brush around a pot with needles pointing down would serve the purpose. Using very tiny spaced needles (i.e. low ...
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How to get rid of baby snails?

This has now become a severe problem. Last year nearly all of the young plants that I had planted were eaten away by them. I used to throw away the bigger snails, later killed them by hitting as I ...
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Natural Organic slug/snail/pest repellants

currently all of my plants seem to be getting devoured by slugs or snails or both. I'm currently growing the following. Mint Basil Sunflowers Tomatos Strawberrys Runner Beans What can I do to reduce ...
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Should slugs and snails be treated the same way?

I've been reading articles on taking care of plant species such as basil and have noticed that though I've seen precautions for slug infestations, I haven't seen the same for snails. They're both ...
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Slugs and snails eating lettuce?

I have been trying to grow lettuce and I am having some problems with what I think are slugs and snails, Something appears to be eating my lettuce and it is not growing much. I was wondering if anyone ...
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Do I have to throw out soil in a pot that had snails on the turmeric?

I had snails in the pot with my turmeric. I threw the infested plants away but left the soil as I have ginger sprouting in the same pot. Do I have to throw the soil out?
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How far can snails see?

I have many problems with snails and slugs in my garden. When I want to plant something I usually grow it far away enough from the garden until the plant is big enough to support some "attacks". I ...
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Should I let brown snails in the garden?

I have a small garden and it is full of cactus, wild aloe vera and beautiful pink roses. I buy vegetables from a organic farmer and some of them have brown garden snails. Instead of throwing them ...
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Are snails on spider plant a problem and how to get rid of them.

Today morning I noticed a pair of snails on my spider plant. They were very tiny (Almost unnoticeable). I don't want to kill them however need to know if they could cause any harm to the plant. If yes ...
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How to get rid of Snails in my lotus pond

I have a small 4x6 feet lotus pond, where i planted lotus plant which i had in a fresh water pond near my Town. Lotus plant is growing nice but my pond became a place for Snails too. i think the plant ...
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Do techniques to repel slugs also work on snails?

I have seen the thread on an organic way to repel slugs. However, usually I only see snails in my area. Will the techniques in the answer there work on snails too? Also, By the way, I've never seen ...
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Can snail pellets be safely used in a vegetable garden? If not, any safer alternatives?

Is it safe to use snail pellets in a vegetable garden bed or will these slowly leach into the soil? Is there a safer alternative that will keep snails out, but won't be absorbed by the vegetables?
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