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Fluid used to transport water nutrients and water within a plant.

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Sticky substance exuding from morning sun facing side of Japanese Maple from China , spreading sticky, sugary over floor and furniture. Help me!

I have a medium sized indoor potted Japanese Maple from China. The branches and leaves on side of the maple facing the window that receives morning sun is continually sweating a thin , but very sticky ...
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How does sap flow relate to angle of stem/branch?

Being spring in my part of the world, I have recently been pruning my young trees and roses. Having read and watched a bunch of educational content to remind myself of the do's and don'ts of pruning. ...
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Is there something wrong with my Rainer cherry tree?

I just noticed this sap at the base of the Rainer Cherry tree (I think, I didn’t plant it I just noticed the cherries). I don’t believe I hit it with anything but it’s possible the weedwacker hit it. ...
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I brought some trailing vinca cuttings indoors to hang around the apartment. Very pretty — but I just discovered a sticky (ew) spot on the furniture and carpet under the hanging vines. The leaves are ...
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How does tree sap go up

How does tree sap go up very tall trees? I would guess capillarity probably plays an important role; I read online that the production of sap generates CO2 which helps building pressure, but I would ...
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Removing hawthorn sap from cars

This came up in conversation yesterday at dinner, so I don't have specific details. It seems in our area at least one of the hawthorns dip sap (probably more specifically honeydew) onto cars. Folks ...
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Large excretion of sap from Austrian Pine

I noticed a large clump of sap in my lawn, and determined that it came from the Austrian pine tree nearby. (I didn't know what it was at first because of the color, but it had a strong pine odor). A 3-...
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Maple Tree Question

I have attached pictures of a maple tree. I am curious to know what type of maple it is. Second question...can this type be tapped for syrup?
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Oil/sap from the trees

So we moved to a new home last week. There are two different trees, one in the backyard, one in the front. However, both trees have some oil or sap like things on the leaves, and what's worse, wind ...
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Why is my basil plant oozing brown sap?

My indoor basil plant has been forming these brown beads on the bottom of leaves and on stems. I think it might be sap that's been oozing out that's turned brown / hardens when exposed to air. In ...
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What is this substance that looks like red sap on my cucumbers?

I have this weird red sap on a few of my cucumbers. I was wondering if anyone has seen this before? These cucumbers were grown in our conservatory in the back garden (facing south) in pots, grown up ...
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How do I remove sticky palm sap from the household fixtures around it?

Our potted palm has dripped or sprayed a very sticky substance all over everything near it: curtains, carpet, furniture, plastic case, etc. It is truly awfully sticky! What is the best remover?
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Heavy sap weeping at base of stone fruit tree

Location: Phoenix, AZ I have a 3-in-1 pluot that was grafted onto Citation Hybrid root stock. (i.e. the image shows the root stock.) Around 2 months ago (~ 1st July) it started weeping sap at the ...
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Will a 1/2" tap hole injure a maple tree?

I'm planning to tap a maple tree in my yard this year and have hand carved a spile from a small piece of cherry I had in the garage. Most online materials I've found recommend drilling a hole 5/16" - ...
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What does Mesquite Tree sap have that possibly makes it a good fertilizer for dragon fruit?

I have 2 dragon fruit (pitaya) growing under a large 30-year-old mesquite tree. The mesquite tree is dripping sap at the base of one of the dragon fruit plants. This plant is a deep green healthy ...
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Is it normal for palm trees to drip a brown gummy sap?

Our apartment in Tenerife has palm trees surrounding it and these trees are continuously dripping a brown gummy substance, we presume from their leaves, onto our tiled floor. We are informed that ...
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Can I get rid of sap stains on my mulberry tree?

My mulberry tree was leaking sap earlier and it left ugly black stains down the trunk. The tree has deeply furrowed bark. Can I remove this?
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Is this a normal amount of sap from an apricot tree after pruning?

My apricot tree is secreting what seems to me as copious amounts of sap. Is this a normal amount of sap after pruning about a year ago, or is my tree sick?
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