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A cereal grain commonly grown as a grain or forage crop.

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Frost seeding vs. hoof seeding vs. driving over seeds with tractor for improving pasture

There should be a pasturing or grazing community to ask such a question, but I suppose gardening and landscaping is as close as I can get. I am trying to improve a few acres of pasture (for sheep), ...
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Cover crop - cutting rye before it flowers

I planted a fall cover crop last fall to loosen up our compacted yard in Sacramento, California. Currently, it's very tall, like 3 feet, and I'd like to mow it soon. But it contains winter and annual ...
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How do I separate two lawns?

I live in the Seattle area. My neighbor has a very nice lawn -- it's unnaturally green, other-worldly thick, and chemical-dependent. I'm going to overseed my lawn with a nice mix of microclover, rye ...
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How do I know when winter rye seed is ready to harvest?

I planted some winter rye last fall to hold a patch of soil over the winter. Planned to mow it, but spring came, summer came, and I still haven't cut it down. It's got beautiful fat seed heads on it ...
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How to keep fescue grass from taking over my rye grass?

I live in Connecticut, hardiness zone 6a. Last Summer, fescue grass took over a large swath of the sunniest part of my rye grass lawn when it was very dry. Most of it died over the Winter and we ...
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