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Questions tagged [rust]

Plant diseases caused by Pucciniales fungi.

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Orange Spots on Monstera Deliciosa

I got a Monstera Deliciosa a few months ago and it’s been doing ok, recently I realized that a few leaves have a bunch of orange ish spots on them and the underside of the leaves looks even worse, ...
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What is this thing on the leaf of a Highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) bush near a pond on Long Island, NY?

My first thought was some kind of insect eggs, but then it seemed reminiscent of some kind of fungal fruiting body.
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Melampsora toxicity

We today collected some wild garlic leaves (Allium ursinum) in the garden, and we found small points on the leaves. They are white or yellow, it's difficult to tell because the points are just half a ...
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Removing corrosion from tools

I had some Cabot Wood (deck) cleaner spill on my garden tools (in particular a couple of shears). It probably sat there for a few weeks before I noticed it. Now the steel parts are quite corroded. ...
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Metal rust with soil

We have raised iron beds in our organic community garden. They are going slightly rusty, will this be OK for the plants?
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Rust looking spots on most of the leaves of an Indian Guava (Psidium guajava)

My Indian Guava (18 months) has been getting more and more rust looking spots on its leaves. Front side: Back side: Is this a nutrition issue? (They are given a weak fertiliser about once every ...
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2 answers

How should I deal with garlic rust after the harvest?

I've grown garlic that got infected with garlic rust. I had some luck in that the infection started late in the spring so the bulbs are actually pretty big - around 60g, cleaned. The garlic stems and ...
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Brown spots on herbs - treatment and are they ok to eat?

The leaves on all my garden herbs (mint, sage, oregano, thyme, lemon balm) get yellow-brown speckles from late spring, which by late summer almost entirely cover the leaves. What might this disease (...
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Repotting diseased chilli plants - possibly rust

My chilli plants appear to have developed rust after a bad attack from aphids! See photo below The leaves have also gone curly: My plan is to repot the plants, washing away the old soil and ...
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How should I treat Frangipani rust?

My frangipani experiences rust. How should I best treat/protect my plant from rust (all year round)? My plant experienced severe rust during December/January (Australian Summer). It was a very wet ...
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How do I get rid of box rust in December? Will fungicide work?

I have two buxus which have suffered a lack of water due to irrigation failing in the summer and no time to hand water them. There is a definite orange tinge to the first 2 or 3 inches of top growth. ...
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2 answers

How do I treat rhubarb rust?

I have a small rhubarb plant and one of the stems has gotten some rust on it. What should I do? (there are only 3 small stems on the plant)
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