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Questions tagged [root-vegetables]

Use this tag for questions on plants with an underground edible part that is used as a vegetable. Examples: Carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, ginger, etc.

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Why are there holes in these green radishes?

I was at my local supermarket when I noticed these green radishes which all had these holes in their sides as seen in the photo. The skin of the radishes around the holes look too smooth to have been ...
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Why are the leaves of my Japanese Sweet Potato gradually turning yellow?

The leaves of my Japanese Sweet Potato plant (satsumaimo, サツマイモ) are gradually turning yellow, from the bottom to the top of the plant and from outside in on each leaf. The first picture shows the ...
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How do I stop my carrots from sticking up too high being nibbled from the top?

I have some purple carrots and there growing excellently. But after a couple of months, they started to stick up 2-3 cm above the ground with one eaten, so I pulled them out before anymore were eaten. ...
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