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How to handle wind issues on terrace garden

I have planted some seeds on the pot and kept that on the terrace. But there's too much wind during the evening time. I'm not sure how the plants can sustain the wind. Besides my terrace floor is made ...
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Mixtures of seeds of flowers for a roof

From one side of our apartment we have a view on a roof of a shop in the same building. The view is not very enticing, as you may see from the photos. As there are some plants growing here and there, ...
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Rooftop lawn on flat roof

We are building an extension to our home and the extension has a flat concrete roof. We would like to plant a lawn on this roof. Structurally the roof can handle the weight but now I have a few ...
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Green roof maintenance requirements

It appears that Washington DC has a green roof rebate program where I can get $15/sq.ft to install a green roof. Green roofs are stormwater management practices that capture and store rainfall in ...
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What are the best materials to use to build raised garden beds on my roof?

A part of my house (about 30ft x 15ft) has a flat roof and is south facing, perfect for building a little rooftop garden. Obviously, unlike other raised beds, the actual bottom of the bed will need to ...
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What herbs would grow well in a roof garden in KwaZulu-Natal?

I live in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa which is an area with a hot summer climate and frosty winters. I have a bare concrete roof above my room (with access) and want to turn it into a herb garden. ...
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Should I cut the top off of this bolting lettuce?

My garden is on a roof top in the South Bronx. I get a lot out of a little space, but I tend to only have one or two of each type of plant. Most advice I find is for terrestrial gardens with rows and ...
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What flowering plants are recommended for a roof garden in a climate with hot dry summers?

I live in a hot (now 42 °C to 25°C) and dry (14% relative humidity just right now) city, and I have around 15 hours of sunlight. I wanted to plant some flowers on my roof, where there are no ...
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What are some recommendations for planting garage rooftop window boxes?

The situation: There’s a double garage (precast concrete) with a flat roof of roughly 30 m² (approx. 320 sq ft), and it’s unused space. I often thought about putting anything alive up there (...
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