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On scientific temperament surrounding Muscadines

Why is there an inherent lack of scientific resources surrounding muscadines? I remember hearing Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' a little over some 4 or 5 years ago and immediately took fancy towards those brass ...
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Hydroponic nutrient solution filtration

I am looking to build a small-scale hydroponic farm; lettuce/tomatoes/etc, and am now looking into a filtration system for my re-circulating reservoir. I have previously run into pathogen issues ...
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Is there a good resource for days to maturity for different varieties of garden vegetables?

I'm aware that many seed packets have "days to maturity" listed on the back. I've heard that this is a vague term because some sellers list days to maturity assuming some indoor growth ...
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Best solution to slippy decking?

The kids have been slipping on the decking on their run towards the swingset ever since we moved in and I want to sort it out. The way I see it I have some options replace the decking with slabs and ...
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Why do plants need water?

Might seem like a stupid question at first, but let's think about this for a minute. Obviously, the living tissues contain some water, but it seems negligible compared to the quantities that plants ...
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Books about medical and culinary herb growing and processing [closed]

I planning to start my own medical/culinary growing farm somewhere in the not too far future. I'm on a training at the moment on this subject (I'll get a mid-level exam paper about it that I can use ...
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Does putting vegetables next to each other cause a conflict?

I have a school project related to farming. For this project I should grow some vegetables in an indoor application. And let say I have to grow them in a big container in the same soil and next to ...
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Growing trees from seed & cuttings

I would like to learn and compare the different methods to grow trees from seeds. I found a good website (, and one book, but the latter seems to be good for ...
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Competitions and lectures for garden designers

I am curious what a garden designer can do for challenging herself to keep up her talents? Are there any competitions online which I can practice my skills on? Is there any theoretical lectures ...
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What good websites which list the requirements of various plants?

This may sound like a weird one, but I am working on a plant ecosystem simulator as part of my research and am looking for property data on various plant species. Ideally, this data would include, ...
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Source for apple variety information

I'm learning more about apples. Here's my dilemma: I can get about a dozen varieties from my usual supplier. Generally prairie hardy apples are not commercially viable due to their size. Now ...
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What are some good books with definitions of technical words used in botany/gardening?

Watching the level around here, I think I can not provide good answers without knowing the technical terms used in English for botany and gardening like the back of my hand. So I ask for advice on a ...
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Book to understand how plants work [closed]

I'm looking for a book that helps me understand the basics of botanic and horticulture. I'm mostly interested in trees but if treats other kinds of plants that's great too. What I'm looking for is ...
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Resource for plant anatomy/lifecycle vocabulary

I've been curious about a lot of vocabulary words in the world of botany. I've had quite a bit of trouble finding somewhere online to help me out, but I'm having some trouble finding a resource like ...
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What books would be most useful as a reference for (vegetable) gardening?

There are a few main subjects such a book should cover, such as: the seasonal dependence of various plants (which can grow when, and when can one grow what), descriptions of the specific care ...
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Building a DIY greenhouse - where to start?

I'd like to build an inexpensive, removable greenhouse over the back deck. The deck is approximately 20' x 8'. I'd like to build it for easy disassembly and storage in the summer. I've never seen ...
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What are some good landscape design planning softwares? [closed]

My goal is to create a landscape plan/map for my yard. So, basically, the first step is to create a scale drawing of my lot. I recently attended a couple of local workshops on "site planning". In the ...
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Where can I find a fruits and vegetables planting schedule for Southern Oregon?

I'm just getting started on my first vegetable garden so forgive the noobie questions. I live in Southern Oregon and having a hard time finding a list of fruits and vegetables, and the correct time to ...
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Where can I find credible information about companion planting/intercropping

If you do a search for "companion planting", you get millions of hits. However, it's hard to separate out the real legitimate information from the muck. There's a lot of misinformation based on ...
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How do I link a specific garden plant to its native plant community?

If I have a garden plant, say for example, Herniaria glabra, and I want to identify its native plant community, i.e. the dominant species, associated species, soil, climate etc., how do I go about ...
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How do I go about identifying all the plants in my backyard? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do you identify a plant? I just moved to a new place but do not know what all plants are there in my small backyard. How can I identify them all?
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What are some resources for region-dependent planting schedule/calender?

Is there a website that has planting calendars for various regions? Is this sort of information more typically acquired through books, or just by word of mouth? I'd like to have a list of crops, ...
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How can I best get an alert if overnight frost is predicted? [closed]

What's the best way to get warned if there's going to be a frost? Is there website or online service which will email me? My priority would be a service which emails only in the event of frost ...
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What is a good resource for identification of useful weeds that grow in North Central USA?

One of my favorite books in the entire world is "Weeds of the North Central States". I have an exceptionally long commute and 65 mph weed identification is something more than a pastime. However, ...
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