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Flower identification?

Can someone identify this plant? Also, how does one propagate this plant to a pot? Ive noticed that this flower grows from the trunk? This flower also grows in Florida.
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What is this bean-shaped thing growing on my aloe?

I have a miniature aloe and while it's been normal for it to flower once or twice a year, this time something new appeared on the stalk: B is what grows normally, A is this weird bean-shaped thing ...
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Is there a name for the tall reproductive grass stems?

I noticed that not all grass stems seems to be used for reproduction. When growing freely, it seems there are two heights of grass: there's the main ground-cover (stolon or tillers, maybe?), and ...
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How do I keep my olive tree from sending up shoots?

I've got a wild olive tree in my yard. I believe it is a . I absolutely love it and it is the main feature of the yard. The thing is, after about ...
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Do sterile plants still produce pollen or nectar?

While reading on certain plants, I often read that some of their hybrid varieties are sterile. While it seems clear that the plant will not produce offspring I'm not sure if it still produces pollen ...
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How to ensure more female Cannabis plants from regular seed?

This concerns dioecious plants. Where a plant is either male OR female NOT both as in monecious a plant with both male and female parts for each plant. I've read that just by tweaking the ...
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