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Opposite of hardening: kills plants. Why?

I've replanted/stolen/adopted about 3 kinds of weeds (mostly lawn-type grasses but wait for the pictures) from in front of my building. The soil down there is hardly anything more than buildings' ...
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Replanting mango plant and accidentally broke seed from root/sprout

So I was replanting my mango plant which is now about 16in tall and accidentally broke the seed off the sprout/root. Both sprout and roots are attached but mango seed is not as it was rotting. Will it ...
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Replanting daffodil - couldn't find bulb

This morning I replanted a stray daffodil (hasn't bloomed yet) that had grown just outside of our garden bed in our lawn. I noticed after digging a deep hole and lifting out the daffodil that there ...
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Digging up and replanting blueberry bushes?

I planted about a dozen blueberry bushes 3 years ago. They are not thriving and I would like to transfer them to a new area. When digging them up, how should I do this to avoid too much damage?
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Moving hortensia from a too-small pot into plain Earth in autumn?

It is beginning of September in central Europe and I have an hotensia (Hydrangea) which is currently not flowering. It barely survived the last winter, but I am happy that it came back with many ...
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Is there a way to replant papyrus after the winter?

I live in growing region 6a, at very high altitude, in a low-precipitation area, with random snowfall and freezes happening until June 1, but freezes being mild (around 15 degrees F) and short-lasting....
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How to (re)plant lichen onto a old wall?

I would like to color the old ugly stone wall of my shed with lichen like oakmoss (Evernia prunastri) or common greeshield lichen (Flavoparmelia caperata). But how do I replant lichen? Which lichen ...
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