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Large holes by the fence, which animal would be digging such holes in Northern California?

I've noticed two large holes under our three giant redwoods. We have many squirrels and I'm thinking they did that, but those holes look really large so I'm wondering whether squirrels do indeed dig ...
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Do Dawn Redwood trees leaf-out in early, mid, or late spring?

Image Source I'm looking for trees that come to life in early spring. For example, some plants that are aesthetically pleasing in early spring are: Prunus Cornelian cherry Japanese quince Haskap ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Which two leaders of my Dawn Redwood should I remove?

I need to remove two of the leaders of my Dawn Redwood tree. Which ones? I planted this in October of 2017.
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Redwood Bonsai Trees leaves issue?

I had a tiny forest of 4 trees, but 2 were quite bad and they just died. Now, these 2 that left, i dont know if I should be worried or it's normal, but their leaves are starting to get all dry and ...
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