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Edible root vegetable, species Raphanus sativus.

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Trouble growing radish seeds

Recently I've been trying out growing seeds in a seedling tray, I sowed them about a week and a half ago but they've seemed to make little progress. They were kept in a little greenhouse tray and not ...
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How do biennials know when to die back?

Carrots and radishes form an underground mass during the first summer and the seeds during the second. I use a tiny heated unlit greenhouse. How will they ever know it's 'winter' instead of continuing ...
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Why are there holes in these green radishes?

I was at my local supermarket when I noticed these green radishes which all had these holes in their sides as seen in the photo. The skin of the radishes around the holes look too smooth to have been ...
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How's current status of my radish

I'm fresh at growing radish, I used Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew and Shake 'N Feed Vegetable Plant Food. I found part of the radish is above the soil, is it ok? Do I need to cut some leaves? How can I ...
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How to obtain seeds from an already harvested daikon radish?

I have in my kitchen a daikon radish of about fifty centimeters whose tops, shortened to 1 cm at the time of purchase, start to grow again even though it is no longer in the ground. They are today 8 ...
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Radish plants grew tall but radish was non-existent

So I planted some radish in my garden and they grew fine but when I went to harvest they were tall and had started to flower but the radish was almost non existent. What did I do wrong?'s user avatar
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I need to grow one radish plant per pot, for a science experiment. How many seeds do I plant?

Title says it all. I need to grow ONE plant. How many seeds to grow? It's a small clay pot.
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What are little hairs around sprout just above the soil?

I started sprouts of radishes. I took 3 coffee paper cups, filled them with soil, put 1 seed in each cup and watered a litte bit. After few days all 3 radishes sprouted but 1 of them has white little ...
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Is this mushroom going to make my black radish taste weird or be poisonous?

It is still cold nowadays (mid-April) in east-France, so I started my vegetables inside a winter garden. I planted some tomatoes seeds in a large pot of mine, which I had previously filled with ...
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Why are my radishes malformed?

The majority of the radishes I harvested were of this form - bent so that part grew parallel to the soil above the ground, with the stalk taking another 90 degree turn to return to vertical. What ...
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Why do my radishes have voids in them?

I forget the variety, but it is one of the oblong types. They taste great, much of the radish is solid as normal. But the centers have these voids (see photo). They are not from insects, and otherwise ...
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Should I earth up my radishes to prevent them from being eaten or should I pull them out?

My back yard lacks a bit of sunshine so things don't grow as fast, but they do grow. I've recently planted radishes for the first time and they have already started pushing out of the ground, however ...
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Why don't my radishes swell up?

When I grow radishes, I find that some of them don't swell up to form the globe I expect; instead the root stays thin. These are planted in the same bed and at the same time as radishes that do swell....
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