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For questions about how to protect plants and gardens against raccoons.

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Will my Avocado plant survive having the stem bit off by a raccoon?

I have 2 avocado plants - grown from pits, indoors and just a year old. With the weather getting better, I moved them outside in their containers. It has been a week and they are outside day and night ...
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Holes in our landscaping

Something's digging in the shredded bark, unearthing our shrubs/roses/perennials. What is it and what's it after? It's July in Michigan -- a little late for grubs, right?
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8 votes
2 answers

What to do when an animal dies inside a hollow tree?

We have a beautiful Shag Bark Hickory next to the house with a large hole about 18' up. A family of raccoons moved in a few weeks ago and had a litter. Recently we've seen a lot of domestic ...
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How do I prevent raccoons from eating my corn?

This harvest I was not able to pick a single corn cob. Some large animal(s), I suspect raccoons, got to them before they were ripe (I would find peeled and gnawed corn littering the lawn and the corn ...
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