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rotection against various horticultural hazards.

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How to protect outdoor potted trees in storm?

I'm growing a bunch of trees in pots and have been keeping them in the yard. A storm with high winds is expected (~20mph) and as I bring some items indoors (e.g. a flag, light pots hanging from a ...
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about keeping one home pepper plant from drying out

I have a pepper plant that I watered every day and behind the window received a soft light basement and it is now drying I wanted to see what he did for it and this problem of water or light or soil, ...
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Can regular plastic bags (Type 4) be used to retain warmth for outdoor plants during winter / plastic bag Greenhouse?

I have been moving my plants outside during the day and inside at night. I'm going to be away for a few days, and I need the plants to get sunlight (although it has been cloudy and raining lately). I ...
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