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Can Cannabis plant ashes be used for soil amendment?

In this question, somebody asked whether Nicotiana (tobacco) ashes can be used to amend soil. The answer is more involved than simply considering the ashes as potash, because the ashes of specific ...
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Galvanised fire bins and ash?

I bought a new galvanised fire bin and burnt a shed load of garden waste ...just leaves and branches. I want to use the ash in the compost when preparing my raised beds but I'm worried about the ...
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Scorpion Pepper growth

Backstory Hey everyone, first post in this stack, so sorry if I didn't see an answer to these questions (I did check though). So I have a Scorpion Butch T plant that I bought about 2 months ago (63 ...
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Is there a difference between pot ash, and wood ash?

I was doing some research into potash, and it appeared that they had a fire all winter long, and made a lot of potash to spread in the summer. They called it pot ash, is there a difference between the ...
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How much potash should I give garlic?

I was reading up on garlic fertilizing, and was wondering how much potash to give my garlic plants. I don't know much about it, except the fact it is garlic from a single clove off a bulb.
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