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Annual flowering plant, member of the Papaceraceae genus.

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3 votes
1 answer

Identification of South Dakota Wildflower

I found this blooming on September 25th in Wind Cave National Park. It's probably in the Papaveraceae family, and may be native to the area. The leaves are actually bluer than they appear in the ...
14 votes
3 answers

Is this plant some kind of Poppy?

I'll start by saying I'm by no means a gardener and I usually kill anything that's green and lives in a pot, however I'd like to say this one is doing well, judging by its height. It no doubt needs to ...
5 votes
2 answers

Are my poppy seedlings dying? How can I save them?

Are my poppy seedlings dying? I leave the plate filled with water everyday. How can I save them? (Even if it means ripping some off and leaving them more spaced out.)
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0 answers

Is this a fasciated poppy?

Here's some poppies growing wild near me. They have some unusual petals: is this fasciation? Here's a normal-looking poppy plant next to the first one:
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1 answer

Are my poppies "established"?

I have tried, and failed, several times to grow California orange poppies from seed. These are the biggest they've gotten (~5 inches in height) and I'm hoping this time they'll make it to bloom. I ...
3 votes
1 answer

Will California poppy seeds mature off the host plant?

I am trying to harvest California poppy seeds to be used next year. Living in Northeast Ohio, the tendency for these plants is to be an annual. Presently (late October) I've got lots of green seedpods,...
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0 answers

Poppy seedlings - dried out or saveable?

I'm growing some poppies for the first time and they were doing okay until we had a snow storm. Then I noticed they were wilted/dried out. I did some research into the waterbottle greenhouse and they ...
5 votes
1 answer

What is the minimum amount of space needed to grow a poppy?

I live in an apartment in the city (located roughly central east-coast of US) and really miss my father's garden in the suburbs. As such, I have figured out a scheme for window boxes that has allowed ...
11 votes
1 answer

Why did the stem suddenly weaken in my oriental poppy?

I have an oriental poppy 'Patty's Plum' growing in new potting compost in a pot with good drainage. It sits in full sun, and I water it as needed in the recent dry weather. I purchased it from a ...