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Stone fruit, genus Prunus.

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Janerik plum from seeds

I'm trying to grow janerik plums from seed. All of the online advice I've seen is about European plums (e.g. the "paper towel and water in a ziplock bag in the fridge" thing), and this is ...
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What actually is the problem growing stone fruits into tropics?

I am experimenting to grow low-chill stone fruits namely peaches var."Florida Sun" and plums var. "Black Amber" into Zone 13 tropics. I know that they aren't recommended for Zone ...
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Plums half sweet and half sour

When I purchased my house last year I hoped that the tree with purple leaves in my front yard would produce fruit. Fortunately it has produced little plums about the size of a golf ball. This is my ...
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Gage tree leaves turned brown

I have an Oullins Golden Gage tree which is 3 years old. This year, many of the leaves have turned brown with some holes in them. I live in South West England, UK and this happened in early spring - ...
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Plum tree leaves not forming

Our usually well performing Lusia plum tree is having issues with forming new leaves. Half of the tree is doing just fine, upper parts. But the rest is like this: please help
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Identifying a potential Greengage Plum tree

We think that this is a plum tree, but we are not 100% sure and just wanted to confirm that there aren't any poisonous look-alikes out there before we taste one. From the small size of the fruit we ...
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