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Putting plants into the ground

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2 answers

How and when to plant young grafted fruit tree?

Our backyard is in a Mediterranean climate (Adelaide plains, South Australia) and we've been gifted a young grafted apple tree which has its root ball still wrapped in plastic. It's about 1.3m (4ft) ...
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Should trees be staked when they are planted?

Horticultural practices do change and research can be a driving force. It wasn't too long ago that standard practice to stake a new tree was a six foot T bar and and a strand of wire. Should all ...
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How do I select garlic which will continue to produce large heads in future replantings?

I've been replanting my garlic every year from some seed cloves I purchased 10 years ago. Every year, I replant cloves from the largest, nicest heads and use the smaller ones in the kitchen. Despite ...
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What is a good method for planting Ball and Burlap trees?

This is when the tree is dug (usually using a tree spade), and the root ball is wrapped in burlap for short term storage. It can be in a wire basket, usually if the ball is large. The burlap is ...
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Dwarf Apple tree in heavy clay

Today I planted an apple tree grown on dwarfing rootstock (M27). The soil at my allotment is very heavy yellow clay. But it's on a decent slope. I dug a hole the depth of the container in which it ...
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Forcing a clover takeover of my lawn

I have weeds in my grass lawn. Not an uncommon situation, I understand. I have a few types of weeds. One type grows like — well, like weeds: quickly and tall. And unsightly. Then there's clover,...
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Will I get lemons from a tree grown from a lemon seed?

I have planted seeds of a lemon and want to know, if I have to graft the lemon plant so I can get lemons? Or will they in time grow without grafting?
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2 answers

How can I grow a pineapple plant from a store-bought pineapple?

I've read in several places that a pineapple plant can be grown from the top of a store-bought pineapple, provided it has a crown/leaves intact. The only problem is that I'm finding many ...
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How do I plant potatoes that sprouted in my pantry?

I'm gearing up to plant some red potatoes from the grocery store that sprouted in the pantry. When I plant them do I plant them stem-side-up? And, should I plant them shallow so the stems poke out of ...
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2 answers

Hexagonal bush?

I have seen the pictured bush today when hiking around Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. From a distance, hexagonal patterns are visible: Adjacent branches grow in an almost perfect 45° angle relative to ...
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3 answers

Does the garlic clove need to grow pointed end up?

Is it important that the clove for garlic is pointed end up, or can it grow just as good on its side, and look a little funny?
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10 votes
1 answer

What's wrong with planting a tree deeper than the root flare, or mulching higher?

People tell you that when you plant a tree, you should plant the root flare level with the soil line. And when mulching, that you shouldn't pile the mulch up over the root flare. What harm can be ...
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1 answer

How to remember planting depth and spacing in the vegetable garden?

This may seem like a non-problem to some, but I very often find myself with a handful of seeds and I totally forget what the seed spacing, row spacing and seed depth is supposed to be for any ...
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Can I plant this mango seed

Today preparing a mango for breakfast, I retrieved the mango seed. The mango somehow just split in the middle and the inner seed was free. That never happened before. I am now wondering, whether I ...
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2 answers

How should I stabilize a tree with a malformed root ball?

I recently purchased a tree from a local nursery. It was originally in a 15-20 gal pot. The trunk of the tree was not centered in the pot. Instead its was an inch or two away from the edge. As a ...
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1 answer

Is it bad to turn over an upside down plant?

I decided to plant 2 heads of garlic this spring, and noticed that one is upside down, so I was wondering how to properly plant the clove so the side of the garlic that grows the roots has the correct ...
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I have planted some seeds but they don't grow to a full plant, why is this?

I bought some seeds such as the following (pepper), but there are also seeds of other plants. I'll use this one as an example. In the back, there are instructions: It instructs to plant in a 0,5cm ...
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1 answer

Indoor plant is looking sickly

I have an indoor plant (sorry, no ideas what type), and it's starting to look sickly. I'm hoping for advice. It's in a relatively dark room, but gets moved to the window for sun every so often.
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How do I know it's time to transfer my citrus (kumquat) to a bigger flowerpot?

I've sprouted kumquat from seed and planted it a small flowerpot. Now I have a stem and two pretty leaves. When do I transfer it to a bigger flowerpot? How big is big enough to have a flourishing tree?...
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2 answers

What is this plant resembling cannabis that is growing on my garden?

So I have got these seeds from neighbour and they were supposed to be tomatoes, but... as they are growing, it seems to be something else. What is it? Could it be weed by any chance? :) Edit: Asked ...
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1 answer

How to properly seed bomb a particular area with drones?

I searched for a long time on internet but can't find a perfect tutorial on the whole process. I found one for making seed bombs: I wanted ...
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1 answer

RE: Missouri Clay - how well will day lilies (Hemerocallis fulva) grow in this mixture of soil?

My yard contains a good amount of Missouri clay and I would like to plant some day lilies; will they survive/thrive in thick soil like this? Also, do they do well in direct sun or shade and what type ...
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David Austin rose from pot growing low on the ground

I bought the pot of this last Fall But over the Winter it looks smaller and sit flat on the ground Is that normal or is it not doing ...
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