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Physical objects holding the botanical name of a plant used as signs to mark what kind of plant was planted in a specific area or container. Use this tag with questions about how to create or maintain such items.

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Tips on how to revive writing on a plastic label?

I've been finding dozens of plastic labels what were written with a sharpie that are now faded beyond readability. Since I didn't write them, I don't know what is planted there. I was wondering if ...
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UV Tolerant Labeling

I am looking for a UV tolerant labeling pen. I am using Kinglake (from Amazon) plastic wrap around labels with Sharpie ink. However after just one season, the labels have faded. Is there a better pen ...
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How do I make plant labels for outdoors?

I would like to put small plant labels in my garden so that I don't forget what exactly is sown where. Can you suggest plant labels that: are made from non-toxic materials can have arbitrary text ...
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What can I use to quickly and inexpensively create metal plant labels?

Has anyone had experience with creating their own permanent metal plant labels/tags? My grandfather has an old Graphotype machine that he uses to label his metal plant tags, but they're rather ...
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