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Looking for an online gardening journal app/site [closed]

I am starting a new garden. I would like to journal my progress to keep track of what I have done, add photos (ideally on the go with an app), schedule reminders (eg when planting a potato I'd like to ...
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ideas for redoing flowerbed

I was thinking of redoing this flowerbed, since it looks kinda terrible :D The white-ish stuff is a pretty resilient ground-cover, although not very pretty. In spring there are a few tulips. What ...
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3 answers

Garden in Desert Soil

We are in a position to move onto a large city lot of about 0.75 acre. I like the idea of having a large lot for economic and quality of life reasons but I see an opportunity to set up a sizable ...
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Is a 3 foot wide raised bed versatile enough?

I have a small area of 15 feet by 10 feet and am thinking of doing three 3 foot by 8 foot beds with about 2 feet in between each. But I could also do two large beds instead like two 5 foot by 8 foot ...
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Best Resources for a new DIY'er Getting Started? [closed]

My wife & I recently purchased a new house and while the backyard isn't a total mess, it needs some work. Both because the prior owner was elderly with limited abilities, but also because we want ...
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2 answers

Flowers to sustain long-duration of absence during winter and summer?

During xmess and summer, one needs to work elsewhere about 2-3 months. Flowers should not die during that time. What kind of flowers should one have and how should one keep them not to die? A lot of ...
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1 answer

How should I select the proper location for my garden?

I am about to buy a house with about an acre and a half of property. I'm going to start with a 20'x40' (~6mx12m) vegetable garden. Primarily tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic etc. How do I ...
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Steps to renovating a lawn completely?

I bought a new home with a moderate size (90x40 ft) back yard. Unlike the front lawn, the back has never been planted and is pretty much home to weeds, aside from a small maple tree. Last year I paid ...
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