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2 votes
0 answers

What is eating a young persimmon's leaves?

I have a Sweet Fuyu persimmon that was planted this Spring. Its leaves are being eaten up by something - what is it? I occasionally find 1-3 tiny (~1/16") ants on it, which I remove when found. ...
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0 answers

American persimmon - identification

I'm located in Europe and that trees are not very common here. Can you confirm that's really persimon trees? That's how they look after 3 years: Can you confirm it's really american persimmon trees? ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How big around does the trunk of a Fuyu Persimmon tree get?

How big around does the trunk of a Fuyu Persimmon get? I have a newly planted Fuyu Persimmon tree that we are wanting to build a deck around. I want to make sure I give the tree enough of a hole to ...
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What are these black spots on the persimmon tree?

Does anybody know what these black spots are on my persimmon tree leaves?
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3 votes
0 answers

Pest identification on Fuyu Persimmon tree

My persimmon tree has been struggling for 2 seasons in the CA Bay Area. The leaves have been turning brown at the tips, eventually turning black and falling off. I’ve tried some copper fungicide ...
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New persimmon tree bought from home depot dying

I bought the young persimmon tree from Home Depot last week. but it seems like it is not doing so well. We mixed the soil provided in the base with the original soil in the ground, and put ~3 inch of ...
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Is this a wild persimmon?

Coastal South Carolina, zone 8B: Larger versions of images available here.
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