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Plants, genus Paeonia, grown for their flowers.

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Peony Alertie pant stopped growing

I planted bareroot Peony Alertie in mid-July. In the first two weeks they grew about and inch with leaves but have stopped growing since. There is no change in the height of the plant or new leaf ...
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What this peony is suffering from?

Does anyone know what this peony is suffering from? The leaves aren't wilted, they are rigid and rubbery and have twisted themselves into tight, deformed shapes. The neighbouring peonies appear ...
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Peonies stopped growing and froze in time

In March this year, before the lockdown, we purchased 2 peonies in our local garden center in the south east of London which were about the same size: Sarah Bernhardt and Karl Rosenfield. Picture of ...
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Herbaceous Paeony care in spring

I bought this Pink Hawaiian Coral Paeony when it was flowering last summer, and thought it had died due to lack of care early autumn. I hoped it wasn't the case and left it exposed to get a good frost....
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Tips for planting peonies

I bought a couple of potted Itoh peonies to put in the ground (Canadian zone 6a, near Toronto). They're going up against a shed that faces south. They have about four square feet each. Given my ...
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Raising bed of Peonies

I have a bed of flowers which I would like to raise by 2-2½ feet (61cm - 76cm) with the soil added to the top, but I am concerned about the idea when I have well established Peonies. Is it possible ...
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Peony and Ant Symbiotic Relationship?

After reading this identification question, I remembered we had peonies in our back yard when I was a kid. I noticed a lot of ants would congregate on the plants and was worried they would destroy ...
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What is this plant and how do I care for it?

It's very fragrant. As you can hopefully see in the second photo, there are no thorns. The plant itself is looking a little out of control, like it could use some pruning. I'm just not sure how or ...
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What are the most fragrant non-double peonies?

Old-fashioned peonies are among my favorite perennials, easy to grow, spectacular in flower and awesomely fragrant. The old fully double varieties, however, have a serious weakness: a single rain ...
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Is it possible to keep peonies standing upright?

My peonies quickly drooped over and became quite unattractive. Is there a way to keep them upright? I'm not thrilled about the idea of putting in stakes for each plant if that's my only option.
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Can I save an old, weak peony?

I inherited an established garden in which a very sad-looking peony was struggling to grow right next to (practically from under) a rose. In the two growing seasons I've been at this house, the peony'...
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What do I do about the whitish powdery mold on my peonies?

Very early this year (starting in mid-May) my peonies' foliage was covered in whitish-gray powdery mold. What is it and what if anything should I do about it?
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