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Pecan trees growing from Roots

I have several pecan trees that were planted too deep. If I cut them back to the root and let a new tree grow up, will it it be any good, either for shade or nuts? One tree has already done this and ...
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Can trees starve for water as they get bigger?

We had this huge pecan tree that stood alone. The landlord said it used to put out paper shell pecans that could be cracked with one hand a decade ago. I also heard that smaller pecan trees put more ...
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Why is my pecan tree only producing tiny fruits?

For a couple of years, my pecan tree has been yielding tiny nuts (3 cm/1 inch in length), and only a few of them. I live in a Mediterranean climate, and the last few summers were somewhat harsher ...
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How much growth should I expect from my pecan tree?

We bought a pecan tree that is basically a 2' tall stick right now. It was planted in an opening with other trees and should get about 75% of available daylight. How many years would you think it ...
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