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Accumulation of partially decayed vegetable matter, usually in a wetland environment.

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Is the moss harvested by jet washing my driveway a good soil?

Every spring when I jet wash my driveway I collect about 80 litres of moss. I have a large garden with many plants that can benefit from any nutrients I throw on them, and I’m thinking whether the ...
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What is Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and is it any Sphagnum sourced from Canada?

I'm working on the right composition of planting mix for blueberries in a high pH environment. In addition to a regimen of ammonium sulphate + sulphur I'm thinking to start with a soil, sphagnum peat ...
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Good spreader for peat moss

I'm just wondering if anyone has a good suggestion for an affordable spreader that would work to distribute peat moss? I'm reseeding my lawn, and it's good to spread a fine layer of peat moss over it ...
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Is neutralizing peat moss necessary?

I have a rabbit's foot fern I will be repotting soon, and everything I read says to make a mixture of 2 parts peat moss, 1 part sand, 1 part perlite or 2 parts peat moss, 1 part loam, 1 part sand/...
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Peat moss substrate for Cactus and Lemons

I am growing cactus, lemons and some strawberry in pots. I just bought this peat moss from my local store to fill the pots with it(only with this) On top of it it says tree and vegetable. Is it okay ...
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Does sphagnum peat need to be sterilized for starting seeds?

I have been making my own seedling potting mix, but I have a few questions before I use it. (I posted a previous question about the amount of drainage needed) This question is about Sphagnum Peat. ...
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How to root basil cuttings without putting them in water?

I tried several times to multiple my basil using the cutting method, however they don't root and rot everytime, even if I put a piece of charcoal in the container fil with water. So, is there other ...
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Peat Pellet Problem, Root bound after Transplanting

These tomato plants started out very well in 30 mm peat pellets purchased on Amazon. After transplanting into a grow bag of Miracle Gro Potting Mix, they continued to grow well for a ...
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What is the benefit of using peat?

What is the point of adding peat (peat-moss/sphagnum-peat/sedge-peat/etc.) to soils and substrates? What benefit does it provide? I like the texture of it, and being that it's composed of partially ...
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Creating Vegetable Mix Analog

I have quite a lot of potting mix and compost, but no unused topsoil or similar. I do, however, have access to a large quantity of used cocopeat blocks (they were used to grow Courgettes, and before ...
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How do I dig peat to avoid getting grass to come with it?

What do I need to do so that I can dig up some peat without having the grassroots to sprout when the plant is in the ground, because I live on the edge of a peat bog area, and was planning to dig my ...
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Why do people use peat pots?

Recently I've discovered something called peat pots. Why should I use them? Why wouldn't I just put the plant directly into the ground? Is there any advantage?
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What potting mixes do you use? [closed]

I am new to gardening and I would like to know what ingredients and measurements do you use in your potting mix for three different types of plants: Plants that require plenty of water. Plants that ...
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Square meter gardening Soil Mix

The Square meter garden soil mix is a third each of compost, peat moss and vermiculite. I have assumed that in the UK since most of our composts are around 50% peat moss I could just do: 2/3 compost ...
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Is peat moss nutritious enough for tomato seedlings?

I have a seed starter kit with a wicking system. The kit came with a peat moss mix and I have purchased some new peat moss pellets for starting seeds. I know that peat does not really contain any ...
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Peat Pellet Tomatoes: When to cut the weaklings?

I planted 2 seeds per Jiffy peat pellet, incidentally, every single pellet has had both seeds germinate. Right now, they are on average about 2 to 2.5 inches tall and only have their cotyledon leaves. ...
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Is it okay to leave peat moss out from a soil-less mix recipe?

Is it OK to leave out peat moss in a soil recipe? I have this gardenbox and I'm looking for recipes for a mix to buy in bulk and ALL of them have peat moss, but from what I've read it's no good. Here'...
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What are some sustainable alternatives to peat for potting compost?

I've just finished writing the tag wiki for organic and was thinking about wider issues of sustainability. Perhaps the best area where I could improve things personally, would be to use an alternative ...
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Do peat pots slow down the development of seedlings?

To prevent root disturbance when planting out, I usually sow my sweet corn in peat pots which I then put in the propagator. As soon as the seed germinates, I grow the seedlings on for two to three ...
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