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Questions tagged [peaches]

Prunus persica tree grown for its large edible juicy fruit.

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What actually is the problem growing stone fruits into tropics?

I am experimenting to grow low-chill stone fruits namely peaches var."Florida Sun" and plums var. "Black Amber" into Zone 13 tropics. I know that they aren't recommended for Zone ...
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Peach disease identification

Peach Tree is Sick 😞 My peach tree is suffering from curling leaves. The issue started last year and persists. This is a young tree and it only produced 3 fruits last season. I suspected it's a ...
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Will my dwarf peach tree do fine in just afternoon sun

I recently bought a dwarf bonfire patio peach and have it in only afternoon sun from 1-6pm but because I live in an apartment I only can either leave it where it is or move it to the front of the apt ...
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Yellowing of peach tree leaves

I've read Levi's questions, and your responses; however, watering is not an issue w/my trees as we've had consistent/adequate rain all summer long, and the landscape is lush and green; a neighbor has ...
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Can I safely spray copper fungicide for peach leaf curl during summer?

My family has a peach tree with severe leaf curl which they did not notice; I picked up some copper octanoate (0.08%) fungicide today as soon as I noticed. With about half the leaves damaged, I'm ...
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Peach leaves drying up and falling off

I just bought a peach tree about a little over a week ago. It's still in the container as I haven't had a chance to plant it. It seemed fine when I got it, but in the time I've had it the leaves have ...
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What is this on my peach

What is this growing on my peach fruit? It is not on all the peaches thankfully.
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Planted New Elberta Peach Tree

everybody! I just planted an Elberta Peach tree that’s about a year old. When I got it from the nursery, it had holes in the leaves but no bugs. So I went and got some neem oil to spray it with. Well....
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