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Questions tagged [peaches]

Prunus persica tree grown for its large edible juicy fruit.

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When do I need to protect a fruit tree from cold, and how do I do it?

The last couple of weeks we had unusually warm weather in the Northeast -- several days had record warm temperatures. My pair of (two-year-old, 8' high) peach trees have buds earlier than usual. If it ...
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What is the problem/disease that causes bobbly peach tree leaves?

What is the likely cause of the bobbly forms on the leaves of a peach tree? Does it matter or is it just some natural anomaly that doesn't affect the tree's health? If is it a concern how can it be ...
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How should I prune an overgrown peach tree?

I have just moved into a home with a peach tree that appears healthy, but overgrown; it has clearly not been pruned in many years (although I have cut out some of the branches that made it impossible ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Why aren't my fruit/nut trees flowering?

I live in zone 8/9 in northern FL and I have the following fruit/nut trees: 2 Pecans 2 Meyor Lemons 2 Peach trees (uncertain of variety) 1 Black Mission fig Most of the trees have been planted for ...
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Why are my peach leaves turning orange?

During summer, the leaves on my peach tree turn an orange-green shade. Is this normal? Is this a response to heat stress, drought, or something else (e.g. mineral deficiency during high heat ...
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Is there an almond that grows inside a peach?

I see that Luther Burbank wrote a book on the subject around a hundred years ago. But I don't have access to that book. Was he, or anyone else, successful? I thought that I had seen something like ...
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What are these galls in my peach leaves?

I have lesions that resemble gall on my peach leaves. I had this plant for about 2 years now, and it is growing in the ground, not in pots. I live in southern New England. Other leaves seem to be ...
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Peach disease identification

Peach Tree is Sick 😞 My peach tree is suffering from curling leaves. The issue started last year and persists. This is a young tree and it only produced 3 fruits last season. I suspected it's a ...
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