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Papaya fruit bearing subtropical and tropical trees, "Carica papaya", Papaya cultivars, and Papaya fruits.

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Is this a papaya? What kind, and how do I know when it is ripe?

There are several trees with these fruits growing wild near where I'm staying in the Caribbean. I let one ripen from green to orange and cut it open. Is it a papaya? And what kind? This one didn't ...
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Papaya plant is getting insects

I have small papaya plant in my balcony. I had two plants in my balcony. One of which was the smaller one died after lots of white insects on that. Now I can see some insects on other plant as well. ...
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Are my pineapple plant and papaya plant saveable?

I have a white pineapple (sugarloaf pineapple), and a papaya tree that that were growing all spring and summer in Salt Lake City, UT. They were both doing very well, and I was planning on taking them ...
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why do the leaves of my papaya tree twist and dry

I have papaya and mango saplings. But there are such problems on their leaves. Could you please help me ??I wanted to send a photo but I could not upload it.
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2 answers

What causes papaya leaves to curl up into weird shapes?

One of my papaya trees has contracted this strange condition where the leaves are curling up into weird shapes. I have many papaya trees, and this is the only one that is like this. I have watered ...
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How do I recognize a hermaphrodite papaya tree?

I know how to recognize males and females (based on flowers), but how can I recognize a hermaphrodite papaya?
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Is it a big deal if the upper parts of papaya roots are exposed like this?

Water washes away the soil around papaya roots, leaving their upper parts partly exposed, like this: Close up: The tree in the photos is the most serious example I have. Yet it seems perfectly ...
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Is it really beneficial to put papaya seeds in the sun for a few minutes before planting?

My friend tells me I should place papaya seeds in direct sunlight for about 20 minutes just before putting them into the soil. She says this will be beneficial to germination, among other things. Is ...
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