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Anything about plants and flowers grown to decorate our houses and dwellings.

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What is the name of this potted house plant with glossy green leaves

What is the name of this potted house plant with glossy green leaves?
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What is this plant name with narrow leaves and red nerve?

I bought this plant recently. It has narrow leaves and red nerves in middle. The seller told it’s an ornamental plant but not sure of it’s name. What is it’s name?
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Dilemma about the identity of this plant: leopard lily? Silver squill?

I am searching for this plant. Somebody said that it is leopard lily..others said it is silver squill. Now when I google about "silver squill", Wiki says: Ledebouria socialis, the silver ...
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What’s wrong with this jasmine?

I planted a jasmine (polyanthum I think) in our backyard last spring. It is positioned in a corner where it gets 2-3 hours of sun on a sunny summer day, but this being the Netherlands, that remains ...
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Good bedding plants for Autumn/Fall colour UK

I'm getting my house ready to sell. Because of building work there are a lot of bare patches of soil in the garden. I'd like to put some colourful plants (ideally flowering) in to make it look ...
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What the name of this flower? They close at night n blooms in the morning

I have these plants at my home I Wana know the name the close at night n blooms in morning... Tnx
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I want to plant 5 species of plants in my garden, which can purify the air around the garden and also keep away mosquitoes . Suggest some to me

I have a garden in my house where I had some plants earlier. They were mostly flowering plants. Now I am looking for some plants which can purify the air around the house, keep away mosquitoes, and ...
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What is the name of this greenish plant?

Hello i have this plant with green leafs it has some yellow flowers but i don't know its name can you tell me what is the name of this plant? Flower image
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What are first steps for a novice gardener?

After living most of my life in urban apartments, I bought a house in the suburbs and suddenly find myself with a lawn and garden to take care of. Apart from mowing, which I'm familiar with, I have no ...
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Mulch/compost over partially exposed roots

Location is Portland, Oregon. TL;DR I want to plant shrubs and shade tolerant ornamentals under trees in one corner of my lot. The soil is clayey and very compacted, and due to long-term slow erosion ...
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Is this a Muehlenbeckia?

I got this as a gift a few years back, and I am still unsure of its name. It has darker green leaves which are purple on the underside and shaped into a point. It has no thorns. It is very frail, ...
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What is Brassisca Pink?

Yesterday I purchased a plant from Ikea Egypt, called Brassisca Pink. I have tried to search Google and wikipedia for any details about this plant, but I could not able to find anything. I have ...
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Viburnum Tinus buds getting dry

My parents gave me a couple of months ago a Viburnum Tinus (aka Laurustinus, or Durillo in spanish). It had a lot of "bud bundles" (I don't know the technical name for that, sorry), that looked nice ...
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What is this ornamental plant with leaves similar to corn?

I saw this plant in a park in Silistra (Bulgaria) and I don't know what it is. There were people nearby but I don't speak their language, so I couldn't ask. I tried to take a more detailed picture of ...
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Mountain laurel or rhododendron?

Is this mountain laurel or rhododendron? Seems no one is sure. Grows in USDA hardiness zone 7b. Lower shrub limbs laying on ground typically take root and extend growth area. Plants easily make it to ...
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What is the name of these palms? [closed]

I have a question about the name of those plants and I would also like to know how to care for them.
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What is this ornamental tree with coarsely serrated leaves?

All I know is that the tree is small (2m), is grafted at 1m, has (or can be pruned into) 'globosum' habit, and have such leaves: Another picture: (the trees in question are in the group in the middle)...
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What plant is this? A weed?

I just moved into a new house and have a couple of these in the back yard. Not sure if it is a weed or an ornamental. Anyone recognize it? Bay Area, CA (usda zone 9a/b)
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What is the name of this plant? It has round big flowers

I am sorry if this is too vague. May I know the name of this plant? The flower should look like a big round circle. The color is blue or pink if I recall correctly.
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