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Questions tagged [organic]

For questions about organic gardening or when an organic solution is required.

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What's wrong with my cucumber?

brown water-soaked, and it starts from the top of cucumber leaves. I put them into a wet condition, but no symptoms of bacterial disease or fungal disease. Really need help
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Baby bottle gourd falling off

Why baby bottle gourd is falling off from bottle gourd plant? The green color baby bottle gourd turns yellow from green color and then falls off. Only 1% success I have. There are lots of flowers ...
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does fruit tree absorb pesticide and fungicide from the root level and will persist inside the fruit it produce? (specifically lime and date trees)

The specific situation is where there are two trees -- one lime and another date tree plant among the grass in the backyard where the grass area will get sprayed with conventional pesticide and ...
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Small tiny white / amber mites running around the sides of the pot

I have found in my pots some kind of tiny white bug, kind of mite I think. They are very very small, like a grain of dust, and they do not seem to be on under the leaves or on the stalks. They do not ...
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Low cost, liquid acid fertilizer

I am growing strawberries which I read prefer acid soil to alkaline one. I also read that using water that were used for beans soaking is recommended as a fertilizer. Will using it make my soil more ...
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