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Questions tagged [onion-sets]

Small, young onion bulbs that are planted like seeds.

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Onions getting pointed tips to stalks?

For the first time ever I have grown onions from onion sets, they seemed to be doing really well, lush thick green “leaves” but suddenly I am getting what I can only describe as pointed caps to the ...
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How do you plant shallots?

I've bought some out of season shallot sets ( whatever a set is ) but I'm just wondering how to plant them. They appear to have cloves but the videos I've seen suggest that you plant them as a bulb ...
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Why did my onion heads turn brown after planting?

My spring onion heads turned yellow. Once I set spring onions in the soil, the heads turned brown and they are growing slowly with yellow leaves. It's summer season in my country. My soil is a mix ...
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13 votes
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How and for how long can home-grown onions be stored?

How should I prepare home-grown white or yellow onions for long-term storage? This answer says the ideal conditions for storing onion sets for re-planting and storing mature onions is the same, but ...
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Should I replant same year onion sets?

In the early Spring, I planted a bunch of these seeds. I just threw them out there and they grew very close together. I picked them last night after most of the bulbs were exposed I was just going ...
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Onion seeds v. onion sets

You see onion seeds for sale but the literature, TV and advice from fellow gardeners always talks about onion sets and it feels as if sets is all anyone ever bothers with. So who are the seeds for? ...
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