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NUBS falling off OKRA PLANT

I have healthy okra plants based on leaves and trunk observation, with small buds that are taking too long to blossom. They are planted in 5 liter pots. I found 1 flower that has dried up and fallen ...
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4 answers

Okra will not produce pods

I am attempting to grow okra around Portland, Oregon area, USDA hardiness zone 8b. I am growing them in a makeshift greenhouse make of some clear plastic tarp over a raised garden bed. This was ...
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1 answer

What is happening to the okra plants

Recently i have been growing okra plants from seeds and i find that out of all the shoots three of them wilted. Completely puzzled on what has been happening to the plants? I have attached a ...
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What is causing damage to my okra plant?

What is causing the new leaves of our Ladies' Fingers okra plants to become thin and curl? One of the plants has started to dry at the bottom part of the stem. Location: Kolkata, India.
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Something under ladyfinger leaves

What are these small sugar crystal like thing under my ladyfingers leaves?
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Should I prune my okra plants?

I have an okra plant which has already produced two okras. Now new leaves are growing and I can see there are two new okras coming from the bottom. Is that good? Do I have to remove both the leaves ...
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2 answers

What's causing these yellow veins on my Okra leaves?

My Okra leaves have turned as shown below Is this a deficiency or a disease? How can I remedy this? Location: India. Weather In May-June: Hot! > 95F days. Current: Overcast with light rains.
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Are fire ants on okra plants a concern?

I've noticed fire ants crawling on my okra plants, particularly where new okra are starting to grow. However, the okra does not seem to be harmed. Is this something I should be concerned about?
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