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Plant nutrient requirements

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What is my citrus deficiency, based on leaf appearance? And how to treat?

In the images of my citrus below, you can see the leaves are paling towards the edges. What is the deficiency and how can I fix it? The soil is clay-dominated with some sand and coloured red, ...
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What nutrient solution is best for hydroponic basil?

What hydroponic nutrient solution is best for growing basil? I'd prefer to know what characteristics to look for rather than a particular brand or product.
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7 votes
5 answers

Is it OK to use human waste or spent cat litter for fertilizing edibles?

Is it OK to use human waste or spent cat litter directly into the soil where you grow fruits and vegetables?
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2 answers

How can I correct a nutrient excess in soil?

The soil sample I took last fall from my vegetable garden came back from the lab with this result: Optimum Range Calcium, Mehlich 3 (Ca) 2063 (...
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What are the primary nutrients utilized by plants beyond NPK?

When talking about soil and fertilizers, what are the primary nutrients in addition to NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) that play a major role in plant development?
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How to grow a tree on steroids?

How can a tree be made to grow bigger and faster constantly over 100 years? Could a full grown tree be given a constant trickle of water and a time-released nutrient pack, like huge miracle grow stick ...
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Why do the leaves on my Meyer lemon have blotchy yellow areas?

I have a Meyer lemon that I purchased a few months ago. I potted it into a self watering container with some potting mix mixed with some peat. It's flowering and small fruit are forming but the leaves ...
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Pepper plants are showing strange, deformed new growth, what could it be? Virus? Deficiency? Herbicide?

A New-ish gardener here! This year I have planted 5 varieties of peppers in a brand-new raised bed in central Arkansas (zone 7b). The fill for the raised bed is 100% compost purchased from a local ...
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4 votes
3 answers

how to increase Phosphorous, Potassium and Calcium in lawn soil

I recently used my local extension service to do a soil test. I did this before I fertilized for the spring so I got a post-winter reading on the soil. They said my lawn was very low in Phosphorous, ...
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Available (soluble?) vs. total phosphorus for seed starting

I'm going into my second year starting seeds in soil blocks, and this year I'm switching from a prepackaged fertilizer mix to making my own. I'm going largely from Elliot Coleman's original soil block ...
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