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Cultivar group of peaches with a smooth skin.

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What actually is the problem growing stone fruits into tropics?

I am experimenting to grow low-chill stone fruits namely peaches var."Florida Sun" and plums var. "Black Amber" into Zone 13 tropics. I know that they aren't recommended for Zone ...
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Small Nectarine plants - Leaves turn yellow

I planted some nectarine seeds a while ago and they have been growing slow but steady for the past few months. I have 4 smaller (approx. same-size all of them) plants and I've seen that lately the ...
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Crippled nectarine tree leaves

Not sure what's causing this crippling on the leaves of nectarine leaves. Please help. Zone:9 (northern California)
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Why do some of my nectarines have missing skin and deeply damaged interior sections?

I have an approximately 4 ft tall baby nectarine tree. Some, but not all, of the fruits, have large areas of missing skin, and deeply damaged dark interior sections. I live in zone 9b in Northern ...
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What is the larva in these nectarines?

My family's nectarine tree has been infested with these small larvae, so far I've only seen one per fruit across several dozen fruits, that seem to bore their way from the surface towards the pit and ...
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Strange brown winged insect on nectarine

I was picking fruit the other day and saw this large bug, just about an inch long I want to say, perched on top of one of the nectarines near the top of the tree. Anyone know what it is and what kind ...
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How to tell a nectarine tree from a peach tree?

Nectarines are actually peaches with an active recessive gene (e.g. similar genetics to red hair in humans). Commercial nectarines are cultivars with this gene. Although it is relatively rare, in ...
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Is there a dwarf nectarine tree that would be suitable for indoor/outdoor life?

I have an apartment in Brooklyn with a south-east facing deck. In the summer it gets a lot of light. Indoors, I also have lots of windows facing that direction. I'd like to get a nectarine tree ...
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