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8 votes
5 answers

What is this tiny blue/purple flower with thin, vinelike stems, in Charles City, Virginia?

Update 6/4/ 2017: I am so happy that the ID "Eryngium prostratum – Creeping Eryngo" was found by Lorel C., and am awarding her the bounty. I also wish that that people could please vote for Christy B....
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3 answers

Should I avoid hybrid species of native plants for birdscaping?

I'm trying to pick out the best plants to attract birds to my yard, and have become very interested in serviceberry trees for this purpose. Should I avoid the hybrid varieties of this species (such as ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Young child wants ID for a plant in his school garden

"B" is 4 years old. That is his hand with the coin for size reference. Added 2 pics, and info. Mom said: "The leaves look like grass blades. They're pretty tall and the director said they sprouted ...
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6 votes
2 answers

ID request, please. For a friend in Ventura, CA. Unknown volunteer plant

Update 6/11/2017: Here is the last picture. Since nobody responded after I added 2 pics nearly a week ago, I am answering my own question. Update 6/5/2017: My friend took more pics today! I have ...
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What is Aussie Native Potting Mix made of?

My question is about Australian Native potting mix. Most of the species of Aussie natives do NOT need high nutrient soil but it needs only the low phosphorus fertiliser + the normal garden soil. I ...
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What is the best way to propogate Aralia nudicaulis (Wild Sarsaparilla)?

I grew up with this plant covering the forest floors around my neck of the woods on Eastern Long Island, NY. I have never seen it for sale, even at one of the many native plant nurseries we regularly ...
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Which native North Eastern American ferns are suitable for a clay-rich location?

I'm in Montreal, Canada zone 5a-5b (USDA zone 4), and although I add lots of compost types as well as fresh wood mulch yearly, my soil will remain fairly rich in clay. Which ferns indigenous to the ...
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