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29 votes
7 answers

How do I keep mosquitos out of my fountain?

I found lots of mosquito larvae in my fountain. How can I get rid of them? A local store has the doughnut thingies but they are expensive. I'd prefer a homemade solution if possible. I tried ...
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6 answers

What plants will deter mosquitoes?

Does anyone have any plant recommendations that could deter mosquitoes? The location is North Texas, and I am looking for something that could be used on or around the deck. This might make the deck ...
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10 votes
3 answers

What is this (allegedly) mosquito-repellent trailing plant with dark green heart-shaped leaves?

I was given a plant a while back that I was told repels mosquitoes: The little I know about it: it has dark green heart shaped leaves that grow up to about 3½" wide by 4½" long (9cm by ...
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4 answers

Best mosquito repellent plant for a sunny terrace?

I would like to put some mosquito-repelling plants in the terrace of my apartment. We live in the Latin America, where there's sun and heat all year (this week's been 32°C, or 90°F). I can water and ...
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2 answers

How can I keep mosquitoes out of my yard?

Since my garden is outside, and I live next to a heavily wooded area, there are quite a few mosquitoes that greet me everytime I go outside to work in my yard. Is there something I can do to keep my ...
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1 answer

Will mosquitoes fly through this overflow hose to breed in a rain barrel?

I've got this rain barrel setup with an overflow hose that drains into the bushes. To deter mosquitoes from breeding inside the barrel, I have a screen on the top of the barrel where water enters. I ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Do mosquitoes breed in the water caught by succulents?

Echeveria and Agave are succulents that trap rainwater between their hydrophobic leaves. Droplets last a long time in these crevasses. Mosquito abatement requires avoiding standing water. They ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Really virulent mosquitos - dealing with them and their bites

With a lot of tree cover and a nearby river, the one fly in the ointment(!) at our new place is it has a lot of mosquitos and midges. The latter don't seem to be too much of a bother but the mosquitos,...
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Grow several citronella geranium plants from one plant?

I just bought a small potted citronella geranium plant at Home Depot, something like this: Is it possible to use this one plant to grow several pots of citronella geranium plants?
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Will chrysanthemums help with my mosquito problems?

I just purchased a home with a great big bag yard with a connecting courtyard, which is so rare in a city like Houston, TX. I've consulted most mosquito control websites which usually recommend ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to handle insects in standing water

Here in Texas, we've been getting an unusual amount of rain. Large parts of my yard have been having a hard time trying to dry out, with some visible water standing just below the grass level. I've ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the garden?

We have a modest garden, about 90 sq.m, with a large, shady tree in the corner. Of late, we've noticed a lot of insects emanating from that corner, particularly some nasty mosquitoes that hang around ...
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0 answers

What plants will help with our midge and mosquito problem?

We've been here since April 2017 and after a brief respite, swarms of midges are already starting to form at the start of February. We're in North East England near a river, nestled amongst woodland, ...
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Is Bifenthrin available for sale in Canada?

I want to treat my backyard for mosquitoes and have seen Bifen I/T as a recommended brand in many articles. After searching for it, I realized I could not find any Bifenthrin products in Canada. Am I ...
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