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Questions tagged [monstera]

For questions about plants that are part of the Monstera genus. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Monstera. For questions about "Monstera Minima" which is not an actual Monstera species use the [rhaphidophora] tag.

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Variegated monstera cutting propagation

I have a variegated Monstera cutting (shown below). I want to promote root growth so it can be potted. I live in Australia, currently going into spring. The cutting was left out for a day and a half ...
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What are these tiny bugs that kill my Monstera leaves?

My Monstera has pale specks on the leaves. I noticed it on one leaf first, and it's slowly spread to others. I have also noticed tiny black specks, about the size of a grain of sand, that I think may ...
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What are these weird white spots and black spots on my Monstera?

I used a microscope on one of those black dots and took a picture. I also found this insect that looks suspicious. I don't know if the white spots are related to the black dots. What can I do?
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Monstera yellowing with brown spots

A few stats about my Monstera Deliciosa: 4.5 years old facing East at first was growing in soil, after repotting it is now in plant granules (brand - Seramis) watering schedule is not very strict, ...
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Is this an effective technique to propagate climbers with aerial roots

I bought a Monstera "Monkey mask" in a small pot. Right now, it is erect because the stem is still short. The stem is already showing button-sized aerial roots popping-out of the main stem. I have ...
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Monstera adansonii dying

I just repot them and its been 2 days. I think it was a bit like this when I got it. I have water but not wet. I put in indirect sunlight.
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Monstera has small spots, do i have to worry?

I have found these weird tiny pale/white spots on my monstera and I am not sure why they are there and if they're a problem in the first place. Important to note is that these spots do not go away ...
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Monstera deliciousa brown residue on STEMS?

I have a fairly mature monstera deliciousa, that has been thriving and putting out new growth. I moved it into my bathroom for the winter. It’s now spring so I brought it outside and noticed this ...
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Monstera/Swiss cheese plant with brown spots on leaves?

I bought a Monstera about a week ago and the bigger leaves started to look floppy. I thought this was because I didn't water it enough, so I watered it more. I'm guessing this is where I went wrong ...
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