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Questions tagged [monstera]

For questions about plants that are part of the Monstera genus. Use it with questions about caring, propagating and identifying Monstera. For questions about "Monstera Minima" which is not an actual Monstera species use the [rhaphidophora] tag.

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4 votes
2 answers

Monstera Deliciosa plant with brown crud on the leaves

I have a pot plant with Swiss cheese kind of foliage that has got some problem possibly some sort of parasite or fungal infection, I have no idea. It's like red-brown rust that brushes off fairly ...
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Monstera Adensonii (vining) Cuttings not growing and curled leaves after 3 months

I've had 3 monstera aderisoni leaf cuttings from etsy since the end of August. They shipped from Florida. All are still alive but none have tried to grow a new leaf and all look a bit curled up. I'd ...
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