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Questions tagged [millipedes]

Arthropods with two pairs of legs per segment.

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Identify millipede: brown body and yellow spots on the sides

There is this adult and 4-5 small ones in a Snake Plant pot. It looks like yellow spotted millipede Is it dangerous for humans ? Is it useful or dangerous for the plant/ soil ? If dangerous, I'll try ...
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What's this hard, brown bug with lots of legs and will it harm my veggies?

I recently moved my seedling outside and as I started removing weeds and moving the soil I found several of these bugs, is it something I should worry about? In case it matters, I moved some ...
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How do I get rid of milllipedes in the garden? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I deal with millipedes eating my vegetable seedlings? How do I get rid of millipedes they have taken over and are under anything left lying on the ground? I am pretty ...
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Are millipedes good or bad for the garden?

Are millipedes considered good or bad for plants? From wikipedia: Millipedes are detritivores and slow moving. Most millipedes eat decaying leaves and other dead plant matter, moisturising the ...
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How do I deal with millipedes eating my vegetable seedlings?

After cursing all the slugs in my yard and removing the few that I could catch, I was quite shocked yesterday to discover 100+ young plants all chewed to the ground. I was going out at 9 - 10pm to ...
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