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Levantine Melon

What is the binomial name of this plant/fruit? I know for certain it grows in the Levant where it is called jaboor (جعبور). The fruit is commonly sold in markets alongside snake cucumber. The fruit is ...
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Growing Piel de Sapo melons stalled

I am experimenting growing Piel de Sapo melon plants from seed that I saved from the supermarket. I have four plants. It took some time but eventually I got some female flowers that pollinated and ...
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Tigger Melon growing a single female flower - any hope I can make it fruit?

I have a 12-14' (mostly vertical) Tigger Melon vine growing that appears quite healthy. It has grown several male flowers in the past but currently it has it's first female flower and no visible male ...
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What are these white irregular sized spots on my cucumber and melon plants?

Most of my cucumber and melon plants have these (cream) white spots of various size. The white spots grow and some of the older leaves have withered (partly). All plants come from seed, and have ...
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Why has my cantaloupe plant wilted within two hours of weeding?

I went out and weeded around my melon and watermelon plants, and within two hours of that, the cantaloupe plant had completely wilted! I did move some of the vines around to get to the grass ...
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How near to each other should I plant my vegetable and fruit plants?

The plants I have started are: lettuce, tomato, carrots, green beans, kidney beans, peppers, and cantaloupe. I've never grown any of these things before, or much of anything before. If there any ...
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What's wrong with my weak cantaloupe plants?

This plant is a few months old. I'm in zone 10A. Although the vines continue to spread, it has always looked sickly like this with curled up leaves.
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Who keeps tearing the leaves off my melons?

I have a small garden in my backyard (a 4x4 "square foot" garden). It has a variety of different plants in it. Recently I tried to grow melons in it (watermelons and cantaloupes). But, shortly after ...
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Does a floating row cover prevent wilt diseases on cantaloupes?

Every year my heirloom french cantaloupes look beautiful and then one morning you wake up and they are essentially dead - I've never gotten a harvest after three years. I am pretty sure this is ...
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Is this a sign of some disease or insect damage? (Piel De Sapo plant)

I tried doing some research into what might be causing the damage, as the vine is also damaged slightly. I looked around the rest of my garden and the winter melon and hairy melons are growing ...
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What kind of green watermelons have a red spot?

When I was a child, I saw an awesome large long watermelon (I'm guessing about 2.5 to 3.5 feet long and 1 to 1.7 feet thick, but I could be off considering I might have seen it in a garden catalog ...
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Does Thai muskmelon (AKA Thai best or Tang Thai) do well in a dry climate?

I read about a kind of melon called Thai best. I think it's popular in Thailand. Anyway, that's where it comes from. According to websites online, fruits mature extremely quickly (60 to 65 days after ...
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How would you trellis a melon plant?

I ran across someone mentioning a list of plants that could be trellised to save space in the garden. The list included plants I think make sense, like peas and tomatoes and beans. But melons were ...
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