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Questions tagged [marigold]

Flowering annual and perennial plants, Genus "Tagetes" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.

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2 votes
0 answers

Why is my French marigold dying?

I purchased a French marigold from Lowe and re-potted it with some of the original soil in my patio in a new pot. I kind in San Francisco and this is summer time so my backyard was getting 6+hours of ...
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Infected marigold leaves

My daughter brought home a marigold for Mother's day and it had these light brown spots on all the leaves at on the bottom so I cut the entire arm of leaves off instead of individual leaves. I did ...
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2 answers

What is eating my garden?

I’ve got a couple plants in my garden that have been decimated by… Something. I’m hoping someone can help me identify what that something might be.In doing a very limited amount of research, I ...
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Dark Orange Marigold leaves drooping

I've had this Marigold for about 2 months now,my boyfriend got it for me and it's been doing great besides being a bit flimsy until now. Its stem has always been flimsy, and it has a bunch of leaves ...
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Can marigolds bloom all year indoors?

I want to grow flowers in my apartment with a grow light. I was considering marigolds and just trying to figure out how long they grow for and during what part of the year they would grow. I keep ...
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5 votes
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Marigolds, clovers, and other plants have leaves mottled with white

I noticed our marigolds all seem to have some sort of leaf-mottling, but since they seem otherwise healthy (perky, blooming), I wasn’t too worried about it. But I’m noticing the same thing has ...
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What's happening to my Marigold plant?

I sowed seeds for Marigold (purchased from Home Depot) and used Miracle Pro potting mix. The seeds germinated quickly and my plant grew 6-8 inches. From past 10 days, I am seeing the peripheral leaves ...
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1 answer

Troubled Marigold

Good day everyone, a few months back I grew some marigold seeds in a pot and two of my plants have sucessfully come up with one full grown. However my marigolds seem to be experiencing trouble from ...
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What happened to my marigold plant how it can be made healthy again?

I transplanted it yesterday but now it's leaves are curled and is bending downwards. What should I do? Whenever I transplant a plant it usually gets in same condition and slowly dies. Please help me, ...
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Marigold leaves drying up

I have potted two marigolds in one seven inch pot. Both plants are having their leaved dried up. I Water them daily. Weather in my area min: 10 °C/65 °F, max: 25 °C/77 °F. Can someone please help me ...
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0 answers

Is there any way to save my marigold plant?

I bought this marigold plant with some flower buds a few weeks ago. During the first few days, the leaves were fine. Sadly, once the flower bloomed, the leaves started to look like this. I do not ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Marigold buds grow sideways and die

Plants are in 3 gallon pots, outside in full sun, watered and fertilized, and pruned when necessary. I live in S. Florida, so cold is no problem.
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