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Questions tagged [lupines]

Genus Lupinus also known as Lupins, member of the Fabaceae.

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5 votes
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How do hot-water baths not kill plant seeds?

I've got some lupine seeds with me, and the instructions tell me to start it in a bath of hot water 180 - 200 F. Everything I know about, um, basic biology, tells me that this will cook the seeds. But ...
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What is affecting my west country lupine's second bloom, and how do I cure it?

I bought this lupine this Spring when it was in bloom and beautiful, then potted it. A friend gave me the pot with a plant in it, which I moved. I’m concerned the pot’s drainage is poor. Could poor ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Will my lupines grow back next year if I cut them to the ground?

Our lupines (also called lupin in the UK) were done flowering for the year and were harboring an aphid infestation, so I mowed them. Are the "stumps" likely to regrow next year or do the plants rely ...
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13 votes
3 answers

What's attacking one Lupin but not its neighbor?

I have two Lupin plants next to each other in my front yard: They are both Russell hybrids, both grown from seed and planted there at the same time in Spring 2009. The one on the left is healthy, ...
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