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Questions tagged [legumes]

Member of the Fabaceae family, noted for their capability to fix nitrogen into soil nitrates.

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Is Indian Gooseberry a leguminous, nitrogen fixer plant?

Is Indian Gooseberry (Amla) a leguminous, nitrogen fixer plant? The leaf structure, arrangement seems to indicate so. I am not 💯 sure. Any pointer would be helpful.
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Tofu as a growing medium?

I just had a strange idea of no actual significance, but I was just staring at a block of tofu and wondered if you could plant things in it. Has anyone tried this? How does/would tofu fair as a ...
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Wood ash + forest soil or leaf compost + legumes. Is this the perfect soil?

I am wondering if you can get all the necessary nutrients a plant needs my mixing wood ash with forest soil or leaf compost and growing legumes on top of it (and on top of that your actual plant you ...
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How long do peanut seeds stay viable?

I'm wanting to get some peanut seeds to plant. However, I'm thinking about saving some that I buy now for next year (as well as harvesting my own to save). How long do the seeds generally stay viable?
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When to transplant brassicas in legumes bed

I am growing sweet peas, broad beans and chickpeas for the summer, in an outdoor raised bed. I bought some nice organic broccoli, brussel sprouts and kale seeds for autumn-winter harvesting, and in my ...
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What is the quickest germinating leguminous cover crop?

I would like to find a good leguminous cover crop that sprouts quickly, and grows fast, especially the roots. What are the best ones for this purpose (and the pros/cons of those you mention)? Disease/...
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Do wattles have the same ability to fix nitrogen from air as other legumes?

Do wattles (roughly Australian Acacia species) have the same ability as other members of the Fabaceae (legume) family to fix nitrogen from air via symbiosis with soil bacteria? For instance, it's well ...
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Do legumes provide nitrogen to their companions?

It's common knowledge that legumes (clover, beans, etc) can (with the help of Rhizobium bacteria) fix nitrogen from the air and hold it in the soil. Much is made of this fact -- advice that we should ...
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Crop rotation theory v. practice

Every guide to growing vegetables will have an early section on rotating roots, brassicas and legumes. There might even be a little diagram with neat evenly spaced and sized areas marked out for each ...
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