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Questions tagged [led]

Use with questions about general LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights or LED grow lights. How to choose, install or maintain them. For general grow lamp or grow light questions use the tag [grow-lamps].

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Grow lights for indoor houseplants in a low-light living room

I have several houseplants situated on shelves in my ground-floor living room. The light from the window is quite diffuse and doesn’t reach them well. Considering winter and generally bad weather, ...
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Can LED flood lights supplement north facing balcony light to grow tomatoes?

I have a north facing balcony that does not get enough light to grow most flowering plants or tomatoes. I want to try supplementing with LED flood lights from behind. Is it worth the effort?
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LED light or Indirect Sunlight for Hawaiin Tree Fern?

How should I best grow a Hawaiin tree fern in my New York City apartment? I have LED lights that are currently helping my Thai and Genoa Basil plants grow. Should I also put the Hawaiin tree fern ...
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Distance and spacing of LED growlights for propagation

I am planning to make an indoor propagation setup which consists of h:30cm x w:40 x L:50cm recycled polystyrene boxes and full spectrum LED panels. Clearly, the biggest limitation is height in this ...
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Lettuce - DLI recommendation day 1-14 with full spectrum led

Im looking for a recommendation of the DLI for lettuce in a hydro setup for the first 14 days using a full spectrum led i would figure it at 8 -12 mol/m2/day what do you think? greets
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What are the best parameters of LED lights for Phalaenopsis orchids

I am planning to use LED lights for growing Phalaenopsis orchids. What are the parameters I should choose in terms of light strength color duration? There is very minimal sunlight, if any at all.
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