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What insect is eating my beet greens?

Consider: What insect could possibly be eating my beet greens? Each one has multiple holes in the leaves. What can I do to prevent this from happening?
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This plant is growing in my garden, and it might be lettuce

I found this plant in my garden, and it might be a lettuce. It came a few weeks ago, and I'm not sure if it is edible. Image: Update: This plant went into new formation: 2nd Update: The flowers ...
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2 answers

Could anybody identify this plant for me?

!Hi I found this big leafed plant growing out of a bucket that I had planted pumpkins, so I'm not sure if this is the pumpkin or a invader plant.
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Redbor Kale having issues

All of a sudden the outer edges of some of the redbor kale leaves seem to be drying. Anyone know why this could happen?
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What vegetables should I grow in my raised beds in winter in Zone 9b?

I am in Zone 9b and have 3 raised beds that I want to use during the winter season to produce something rather than leaving them idle (let me know if that is a good thing). Should I grow vegetables ...
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How do I get rid of aphids on kale?

I have some kale growing in my raised bed which are getting infested with aphids. How do I get rid of those and secondly, are the kale leaves still edible (after cleaning them in hot water)?
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