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Why do I have yellow dots on my citrus tree and when I turn the leaf there are small white dots

I just recently bought a citrus tree indoors. I had mealy bugs before where I used a mixture of neem oil soap and alcohol which helped a lot but now the new leaves are not getting darker green like ...
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Leaf turning brown and looking super sick

I have been taking care of this good boi called Walter for about a year now: I am a beginner at plants and I have basically found this leaf on the street, left it in water until it developed nice ...
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Premature flowering and leaf fall in capsicum

These are some capsicum saplings I have which were directly sown in this pot. There's premature flower budding and leaf fall of the first true leaves happening. What is causing this? Location: Delhi, ...
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What is this damage on my Anthurium leaf?

I've got this on a leaf on an Anthurium: Is this a disease? Do I have to cut this leaf? If so where is the best? From the base or just the leaf? It is in the same situations from days, without any ...
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Transplant shock avocado tree

I have inherited from a friend an avocado plant (around 5 years old). After 2 months of acclimatation in the new home, I decided to transplant it 2 weeks ago. As the soil it was in, had never been ...
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What’s growing on my tomato plant? This is crazy!

I’ve never seen anything like this. Looks like a fungus or moss or something. Brown, fur like, skinny stems, 1/2 to 1 inch long. Not normal fungal issues, this is new to me… zone 7b
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Does compost made with fruit waste as 'greens' provide enough nitrogen to my plants?

I've made a load of compost which has now fully matured and mixed it with a fair amount of leaf mold and soft sand (I believe sand that is encapsulated in clay). And with this combo made a potting mix ...
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How should I handle needle buildup under my Lawson cypress hedge?

I recently purchased a home with a large Lawson cypress hedge along the neighboring property line. It's about a dozen trees, each 20-30 feet tall and maybe 5-6 foot diameter on average. My neighbor ...
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What is this leaf disease on the Janet Blair?

I planted a Janet Blair (type of Azalea) last year and since that time it has not been doing well. New leaves are coming out but soon half the leaves have some discoloration. I don’t know what is it. ...
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What are these strange black lumps on basil plant?

I've recently noticed these lumps on the stems of my basil plant The fall off fairly easily but I'm not sure what they are and there's not much online that I can find.
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What causes a guava tree to have brown lines on leafes anddoesn't give flowers/fruits?

I'm helping a friend with a guava(strawberry guava) tree problem. In addition to what you see on the leafes, it doesn't give any fruit/flowers. it's just finished the humid season. it grows in a pot ...
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Live oak brown spots on leaves in south Florida

I am hoping someone might be able to identify the disease shown on these live oak tree leaves. Hoping it’s not oak wilt. If there’s a recommendation on treatment that would be great. Thanks!
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Can anyone identify the red leaf in my photo?

I'm an artist working with ecological themes. So I like to know what I'm painting or drawing about:) Took this picture to use as a model of ginko leaves; Have searched using images and listed several ...
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Is roundup and pesticides a concern when composting?

I'm running a leaf compost. It's a pretty big scale. I pick up leafs from all the neighbors chop them with a special purpose tool and then store them for a year in multiple 250 gallon bins. The end ...
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Rhododendron slowly dying of unknown disease

Hello! I'm from Germany and my parents Rhododendron plant is apparently dying. My mom is trying to figure out why. It's planted outside, fairly large bush, fairly sunny space. When it was first ...
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2 answers

Potato leaves curling and turning brown

This is our first year growing potatoes (no potatoes or cultivated nightshades have been grown in this soil for at least 2 years before). Central NY zone 4b/5a. The potato plants started out healthy, ...
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