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For questions about lawn mower use in gardening.

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Should new lawn mower buyers purchase an electric lawn mower instead of a gas-powered lawn mower?

It seems like the world is transitioning to electric. Cars used to have carburetors. Then fuel injectors came along. People began buying cars with fuel injectors because they're superior. Now electric ...
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lawn-mower charging outside the area enclosed by perimeter wire

My question is about Worx Landroid S WR130E and Worx Landroid S WR091S. I would like to know if it is possbile to place the docking station outside of the area enclosed in the perimeter wire, just ...
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Mower deck is losing power but the engine stays constant

I have a 2010 Toro MX5480 I’ve got an issue with. The belt recently shredded, so I went to the dealer and bought a replacement and got it installed with no problem. This seemed to create a new issue ...
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How do they know if a mower had oil in it when started?

I took my mower into the repair shop because it wouldn't start after running for the first time for just a few seconds. They said they would tear the engine apart to see if oil was in it when started (...
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