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Questions tagged [late-sowing]

For questions about sowing later than usual.

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12 votes
2 answers

Is September too late to plant winter greens in USDA zone 6?

I have Red Russian Kale and Collards that I want to grow for a late-season crop, but I keep procrastinating. Is late August/Early September too late to put them out in order to get enough greens to ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Late-sown Carrots: any particular problems?

I usually sow carrots in early June for lifting in September. This year, I am planning to sow a short-rooted variety in August, for harvesting in November-December, and will use a fleece grow tunnel ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Is September a good time to sow chili pepper seeds in Hong Kong?

I want to grow some habanero chili and jalapeño chili, but it is already September in Hong Kong. Although people said that chilis can't stand winter, I suspect the recent winter of Hong Kong is ...
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6 votes
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Growing Strawberries in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (Winter season)

I sowed strawberry seeds and they germinated just now after the passage of a long heavy rainstorm. I am living in Al Khubar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia which is a desert region. It is currently ...
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2 answers

Is stratification necessary for aquilegia seeds?

We had bought a variety of aquilegia seeds. Of more than 100 seeds only one developed into a plant flowering in the second year. They weren't all sown on the same soil, so it is not very likely that ...
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