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For larger scale 'landscape' questions.

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32 votes
7 answers

How efficient are stump removal chemicals?

As a skeptic, I am generally wary of any claims that say something that is generally hard is made easy by a product. I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice if they have experience with ...
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2 answers

How do I go about planning the layout of a sprinkler network for my lawn?

There are several great questions and helpful guides on lawns and lawn-repair on this site. Since it's the lawn laying season now, I've started thinking about laying a sprinkler network prior to ...
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Returning a garden paved for 30 years with packed clay below, back to lawn

My new rear garden has had concrete slab paving for decades, resting on heavily packed and deep London Clay soil and a small amount of odd rubble. The paved area measures about 6x7m. The soil under ...
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11 votes
6 answers

Removing weeds from brick patio

What is the best method of removing weeds from between the bricks of a patio? We have a dog and don't want to use toxic chemicals if possible. The bricks are closely spaced, probably only about 1/10 ...
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11 votes
4 answers

How to dispose of sand, concrete rubble and field stones?

I have three piles of rubble from an old stoop I just demolished. Here are some pictures: 1) sand pile: 2) concrete rubble pile: 3) and field stone pile: I have a few questions about how to ...
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3 answers

How can I keep gravel from moving out of my driveway during winter?

I have a gravel driveway going horizontally across a hill, and have trouble keeping the gravel in the driveway, especially during snow. This is because every time I shovel out the driveway, stones get ...
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1 answer

Is it a good idea to build a paver patio near a large established tree?

I would like to build a paver patio next to a large tree that has a 3" wide root at ground level. I do not want to damage the roots of the tree, so it seems like my only option is to build a raised ...
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8 votes
1 answer

What is the most efficient long term way to destroy and kill the invasive weed named “Japanese Knotweed”

I absolutely hate Japanese knotweed with every inch of my body! It grows anywhere and everywhere on the South Shore of Massachusetts. My question for you wonderful people out there is, “What is the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How do I naturally eradicate a stand of invasive bamboo?

I am on a 1 acre hill-side near the Oregon coast. The previous owner of this property decided it was a good idea to plant some type of invasive bamboo that covers a good 50% of the property (mostly ...
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3 answers

What's the function/purpose of the waterproof tarp a few inches beneath the ground in my yard?

When I tried to plant some plants and dug up a hole in my front yard, it appeared that there is a waterproof, at least it appeared to me so, tarp under the soil and mulch mixture, and it extends to a ...
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2 answers

How to turn a field of high grass/shrub into lawn or food forest?

I have a 1.5-acre section that has not been properly maintained for many years. It is covered with high grass with some shrubs of willow, gorse and broom: (the grass is actually much higher now as ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I add drainage to an area with shrubs already there?

I have 12 sweet viburnums (Viburnum odortatissimum) in a row as a future privacy hedge. I had to replace 2 of them just recently because they suffocated from sitting water when I had heavy rain at the ...
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Dead Dogwood post-mortem: How to ensure these next plants do better in clay

This question is accompanied by this previous question... Did my Dogwood die because it was planted with wire around the roots? So clearly my two dead Dogwood trees didn't do so hot in clay. The ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is bark mulch termite resistant?

We're looking to freshen the mulch on our property and our pest control company is asking us to only use termite-resistant mulch. The closest alternative the landscaper has is a top grade bark mulch. ...
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2 answers

Did my Dogwood die because it was planted with wire around the roots?

I hired a less than spectacular gardener to do a brand new landscaping job for my house after it was built about 3 years ago. Since then almost half of the 30 some plants and trees he had put have ...
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1 answer

Plant identification: Is this hosta?

Is this hosta? The flowers were actually beautiful, but seemed to harbor small bugs.
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Please help me to select the best form composition for this backyard design

Below you have the existing areas designated as marked. Just below the access path to the left side I intend to install an outdoor sofa, parallel to the fence (it can now be seen in the 3Ds). The ...
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