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Popular hot chili pepper, cultivar of Capsicum annuum.

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Jalapeno peppers odd yellow color

I have some jalapeno peppers that have some strange colors. I have grown peppers for ~5 years and never seen a jalapeno starting out yellow and never turning color. It normally is green and often ...
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Pepper plants too close

I have 2 pepper plants that are right in top of each other, can I just cut the weaker one one out? And it Will be ok?
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Will my Jalapeno produce peppers?

I've been wondering if my plant will be able to produce peppers in this container? Also to my next question, is it really Jalapeno? (bought those on E-bay lol)
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Something is wrong with my jalapeno plant

Its delivering good fruit, although they seem to go red quickly, and also the leaves look really yellow. This photo is current and I'm in Sydney Australia. Also, seems to be a small web with bugs in ...
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What should I do with multiple pots with a lot of young Jalapeños seedlings?

Recently I have been interested in starting growing chillies. The first thing I did was buy some seeds online, 50 jalapeño seeds. I planted them all (yes I know it's a mistake) in a small/medium pot. ...
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What is wrong with my jalapeño?

My jalapeño plant has been doing great so far, with no problems. It’s even growing two jalapeños. However, I’ve noticed recently on some of the newer flowers that after the flowers bloom, the stem ...
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Why are my jalapeno seedlings turning yellow?

I planted these jalapenos about a month ago. I am growing them indoors before I transplant them to my outdoor garden. They've been doing fine until the last day or two, when the leaves have started ...
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Why are my jalapenos turning brown?

Why are my jalapenos turning brown? The plant looks healthy. The fruit turns brown after it is about inch and a half from tip to stem.
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When to harvest chilis? What happens if I don't? How can I store them?

My last chili experiment was some 5 years ago, when the dried results started to use up. So I went to buy 2 chili plants (habanero & jalapeno, both F1 hybrids) this European spring - and the ...
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Harvesting wrinkled jalapeños

After returning home from vacation I found many of my jalapeños to be wrinkled and shriveled up. I suspect they are a couple of weeks past ripe, though I'm new to gardening so I don't know. Is it safe ...
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Why did my jalapeños turn black?

Last year I grew jalapeños. The fruits were tiny, but I was able to harvest a few handfuls. I noticed that many of them started to turn black on the plant. They were still edible, and they weren't ...
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Can jalapeños be grown from pickled jalapeño seeds?

I bought a bottle of pickled jalapeno today, and I see there are seeds inside them. It is hard for my local area to acquire jalapeno seeds, so I am wondering if it is possible to grow jalapenos from ...
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What factors affect the spiciness of jalapeños?

Researching growing jalapeños, I've seen people mention how water-starving your jalapeño plants can lead to spicier peppers. How true is this? If there's any truth to it, what tips can you provide ...
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