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Questions tagged [irises]

Flowering rhizomatous and bulbous perennial plants, Genus "Iris" species, varieties, cultivars, and hybrids.

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Starting Iris Seeds Indoors

I placed some bearded iris seeds in moistened commercially produced starting/potting mix at the end of January and placed them in the refrigerator. Per some instructions I had found on YouTube, I ...
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What are these insects on my iris and is it bad?

I have many plants in pots at my windows, and only my irises are affected (I have other parasites on other plants, but I usually don't really care as long as the plants are OK, as I am for bio-...
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What kind of Iris is this?

If it actually is an Iris, that is. I had no idea we had this plant and I had subconsciously grouped it under the non-flowering section. Imagine my surprise when it bloomed all of a sudden! After ...
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Is it possible to plant iris seeds in early spring?

I've saved seeds from my irises from last spring with the intention of planting them. However, most of the guides I've read have suggested planting them in the autumn. Is it possible to plant the ...
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4 votes
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Is it possible to transplant irises without the rhizome?

I bought a house and put some raised beds in the yard, on top of what we thought (in very early spring) was just lawn. It turns out there were irises (small purple ones, I don't know the variety) ...
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Can Irises be transplanted in late winter?

We had a very mild winter and it's been quite warm the last few weeks here in zone 6a. We are wanting to transplant some of our bearded irises to another property and would like to do it this weekend. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to store (Iris)-rhizomes?

I dug out Iris rhizomes yesterday in order to put them somewhere else, I was surprised by their quantity and couldn't put all of them to their new destination due to space limitation. So, now I have ...
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How should I care for my Dutch Iris plants?

With the help of this question I identified that I have Dutch Iris (Iris X hollandica) in my garden. As described there the plants came out last autumn (we had a quite warm and dry autumn, following ...
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