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Fragrant flowering bulbous perennials, "Hyacinthus orientalis" varieties and cultivars.

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Hyacinth with floppy leaves

My hyacinth has floppy leaves now; I bought it blooming, but the bloom has died back, which I understand is normal. However, the leaves have gone entirely floppy and drooping, no structure to them. ...
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Can Hyacinth be grown in tropics?

I live in the tropics where It's warm almost all year round. Is it possible to grow Hyacinth?
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How should I take care of a Hyacinth bulb growing in a vase of water?

I just picked this plant up from the store. What is the best way to take care of it? Can I leave it like it is and let it sit in the sun?
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Care for an indoor hyacinth after blooming

I have a hyacinth planted in a pot indoors. From what I have read, I should cut the stalk and let the leaves die naturally. So I cut the flower stalk but it seems now after about two months, the ...
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Is rice water good for a hyacinth plant?

I'm not sure I did the right thing to my hyacinth plant. It's growing in a pot with dirt brought from Whole Foods. I poured cool water that I'd used for rinsing rice on it, and the next day the flower ...
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How should a forced Hyacinth bulb be cared for after flowering?

I bought a hyacinth at the grocery store in a water-only pot with the bulb suspended over the water. The flowers have now died, and the roots have started to break off of the bulb, although there ...
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What should I do to encourage my Hyacinth to flower again?

I bought a hyacinth plant which bloomed and then the flowers died. So once the flowers have died but the greenery still looks fine, is there anything I can do to coax more flowers out of the plant?
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What is the treatment done to so-called prepared / treated hyacinth-bulbs for forcing in pots?

To have hyacinths grow and flower indoors in pots (also known as: to force a bulb) you have to get special bulbs: they are called prepared or treated. I was not able to find out with a simple internet ...
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